Are your makeup products too light or dark? Here’s how you can blend it with your skin

September 13, 2019 By King

Are your makeup products too light or dark? Here’s how you can blend it with your skin

Are your makeup products too light or dark? Here's how you can blend it with your skin

No matter how good you are with makeup, sometimes your judgement goes wrong, and you end up buying a wrong shade of product for your skin. Yes, that happens rarely, but all of us have faced that dire situation where we have ended up with the wrong shade, or the shade that doesn’t blend well with our skin. From concealer too light to foundation too dark, we have all been victims of the makeup gone wrong shenanigans.

But usually when we purchase the wrong shade, we end up giving it our friend, or it just lies somewhere in the corner of our drawer. But here we are to give you a solution to put those wrong shades to use. Find out how you can use those shades to create your normal base like you to do with the right shade of products.

Foundation too Dark:

If you have purchased a foundation which is a shade darker than your usual foundation, then add light concealer to the mix and blend it well. It will work because the concealer that we use for our under eyes is always lighter. If not this, then you can also use your foundation for contouring. You can use it to contour the hollows of your cheeks and nose.

Foundation too light:

If your foundation is too light, then apply a matte bronzer and contour your face well, this will blend well with the light foundation.

Blend your foundation:

If your foundation is too light or too dark then blend it down to your neck and chest, so that the colour of your face and neck look similar. At times there’s no way of fixing it, the only thing you can do is make things look uniform.

Concealer too dark:

Using a concealer to contour is one of the best things you can do if you have acne and pimples. It’s because most contour products don’t give the coverage concealer gives. So, when you apply a cream contour, it lifts the foundation and concealer and exposes your acne and blemishes. If you use a dark concealer, it doesn’t happen.

Concealer too light:

If your concealer is too light than your skin tone, then use to add some shine to the high points of your face. Use it for the inner corners of the eyes, the centre of the chin, the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. A light concealer base helps eyeshadow colours pop more.

It’s difficult for Indian women to find the right shade always, and hence, at times, if you pick up the wrong shade, then you can use these hacks to blend the product to your skin.


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