Delhi-based jewellery designer Varnika Arora’s summer-resort collection is inspired by powerful women

May 14, 2019 By King

Delhi-based jewellery designer Varnika Arora’s summer-resort collection is inspired by powerful women

Delhi-based jewellery designer Varnika Arora’s new summer-resort collection, Lady is inspired by all the powerful women of different countries. The collection embodies a certain regal charm and grace, usually associated with the First Ladies or women from royal families.

The designs and patterns of her jewllery are mostly geometric, as Varnika herself confesses-“It’s the architecture or shape of the buildings that I see around myself, gives me new ideas.” We see an amalgamation of straight lines, semi-circles, hexagons and subsidian triangles, combined with colourful semi-precious stones like black onyx, white mop, mother of pearls and amethyst, which makes the collection stand out.

Elina earrings and ring

Each of the hand-crafted pieces is made with either copper or silver and plated with 22 K gold. We were thoroughly charmed when we discovered that her jewellery not just consists of earrings, neckpieces, bangles or finger rings- but also a headbands-an accessory which has survived in the wardrobe of women –since ages but never becomes old.

“This collection, like all my jewellery is meant for people who juggle multiple roles and have to look confident as well as graceful in whatever they wear,” says Varnika Arora. “I was inspired by the fashion choices of all the First Ladies, like Michelle Obama, Princess Diana, and women from the royal families- who wear statement pieces which adds to their karisma,” she adds.

Geometric shapes are Varnika’s signature style

Her last collection Gaudi, was inspired by the architecture of Spain, while the one before that-Amber was inspired by the design pattern of beehives. All the neckpieces, bracelets and earpieces of the Amber collection, carried a semblance of the hexagonal shape, usually found on beehives. Varnika imports all her semi-precious stones from abroad and her manufacturing unit is in Jaipur.

Although her label is just two-and-a-half-years-old, she has already dressed some of the top-notch actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin and others, but dressing up Deepika Padukone and Meghan Markle in her pieces, is something she is still looking forward to.

Varnika Arora uses semi-precious stones in her jewellery

“Bvlgari is a personal favourite,” says, Varnika, adding, “I do admire them for their sophisticated designs, but I don’t like to copy anybody’s ideas. For me jewellery is something which makes a woman feel confident about her looks- she is already very beautiful- my jewellery only accentuates her beauty- making her feel confident about her looks.”

Currently, Varnika Arora is working on her autumn-winter collection 19’, which will come out post-July this year.


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