Different kinds of makeup brushes and what they’re used for

August 19, 2019 By King

Different kinds of makeup brushes and what they’re used for

How to use different kinds of makeup brushes

While most of us won’t agree of it, we’re all guilty of splurging a big part of our salary on makeup and the arsenals. Whether it’s the silicon pads to apply the foundation or buying the entire new range of highlighters, we hit the beauty store the minute our salary gets sanctioned. But it’s the makeup applicators that are confusing, complicated and extremely messy. With more products being launched by the beauty industry, another brush gets added to our already overcrowded stand.

But truth be told, makeup brushes allow us to get that added glow, dewy skin and airbrushed look that we always need for every occasion. Even if you’re someone who prefers using your finger to blend your makeup, here’s your A-Z guide for all the makeup products in the market and what are they used for.

Foundation Brush

You can use the sponge, but this foundation brush is easier to blend and can make the process of blending much quicker. For mineral, liquid or powder foundation, this is the brush you need to own.

Concealer Brush

Although most concealers come with an easy applicator, a concealer brush makes the application of the concealer for full coverage instead of blotchy spotty makeup.

Powder Brush

If you suffer from oily skin or the T-Zone problem, you need a powder brush to allow the setting powder to gently brush over your problematic zones to ensure the shiny points don’t shine when you opt for matte finished makeup.

Blush/Bronzer Brush

This is one of the most essential brushes that you need. The Blush brush has softer bristles that allow the blush application to be easier, quicker and diffuse your powder pigments. Tip: Pick up the fluffiest brush you find in the market.

Contour Brush

The slanted bristles on the brush make it much more precise for the application below your cheekbone as well as your nose.

Highlighter Brush 

Keeping trends in mind, this is probably the most important brush in your vanity. The long bristles, like a fan brush, make it easier for the application to ensure there’s no spilling of the powder/liquid on your cheeks.


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