‘Elder Scrolls Online’ July Daily Rewards Include A Fancy Shield Style And New Costume

July 2, 2019 By King

‘Elder Scrolls Online’ July Daily Rewards Include A Fancy Shield Style And New Costume

An Argonian Warden wielding a preview of the new Baandari Pedlar Shield.

Today is the start of a new month which means a new collection of daily login rewards for Elder Scrolls Online.

As usual each day during the month that you login will net you the next reward on the list. However, they do not need to be consecutive. So if you logged on 15 days out of July, sporadically, each day you’d gain the next reward on the list, in order.

Here are all of the rewards available this month:

It’s got a lot of the usual fair, such as experience boost scrolls, straight up gold, crafting acceleration scrolls, alliance points, and more. However, there are two special offerings this month—one of which really piques my interest.

On the 14th day players are eligible for the Baandari Pedlar Shield style, which can be applied to other shields as the new design, sort of like a costume. You can see the preview of it in the image at the top of this article. I really love the ornate details and finishing on the face that really makes it pop. I fully intend on logging in enough to earn that, without a doubt. In fact, I’ll probably redesign the colors and everything of my entire outfit around using that shield, personally.

Additionally, there’s a Fisherfolk Work Wear costume available on the 21st day of logging in for July. It’s a simple costume, but for all of those master anglers out there in Tamriel it’s a good look to equip while reeling in some fish during leisurely down time.

Today, Zenimax also detailed a litany of new offerings coming to the Crown Store cash shop in Elder Scrolls Online. To coincide with the release of Elsweyr, there are new “Baandari Pedlar” Crown Crates you can buy, which offer randomized rewards each time you open one.

In addition to the usual XP scrolls, potions, poisons, and more there are some brand new mounts listed, like the impressive Baandari Dwarven Spider, furnishings, and this magical-themed sand/ghost lioness mount, shown above.


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