How Retailers Can Use Augmented Reality to Enhance the Online Shopping Experience

February 27, 2019 By King

How Retailers Can Use Augmented Reality to Enhance the Online Shopping Experience

Image result for How Retailers Can Use Augmented Reality to Enhance the Online Shopping ExperienceEveryone raved about augmented reality when Niantic launched Pokémon GO back in 2016. To this day, many people still think that this immersive technology only applies to the world of gaming. However, its applications are now in use in several industries — including retail.

E-commerce has certainly changed the way we shop over the years. It has made shopping far more convenient and efficient. On the other hand, online customers still have one big problem. They can’t try on the items they want to buy online.

That’s where augmented reality comes in.

Here’s why more and more retailers are embracing this popular trend and why this immersive technology is worth investing in.

Why Augmented Reality?

AR is the perfect online solution for this retail problem.

Today’s consumers want a more personalized approach to retail. They don’t want to be hounded by ads. They want a fun and convenient shopping experience. Research suggests that today, already 41% of shoppers expect brands to offer an AR experience. A third of consumers are also more likely to make a purchase after previewing the products through AR programs.

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No matter where a customer may be, they can try on different colors or sizes through an AR retail platform. This makes online shopping more convenient for them as they are able to interact with the products they are choosing.

AR has the capacity to integrate virtual elements into a real-world setting. It overlays digital images such as clothing and jewelry on top of a real-life image, creating a virtual fitting room. It lets shoppers see how they look wearing the clothes or accessories they are interested in purchasing. Not only will this enhance the customer experience, but it will also help improve brand loyalty and sales.

How Is Augmented Reality Transforming Retail?

NexTech recently launched a retail solution called Try-It-On,which is a new functionality of their AR e-commerce platform.  This feature makes quite a good example of AR capabilities. It uses facial tracking capabilities and AI-powered technology to create a truly immersive experience. Consumers can easily access Try-It-On because it’s web-based.  This also makes it far more affordable than an app.


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